Offering Praises


Our Lady, Queen of Peace, Mother of Jesus the Christ,

salutations unto you as the most exalted Mother of the Universe.

May your continuous blessings restore peace

throughout the world. May your love reach our heart and

unfold inside of ourselves as the sweet fragrance of the Mystical Rose touches our Soul.


May the blessings of endowment penetrate

all beings that have embarked upon the divine work

to be a beacon of light upon the path of brotherly love and kinship.

May God's realization unfold within each and every one

so that we may never be distracted along life's path.


May the peace that surpasses all human understanding be

granted unto us for the servitude of the Father's work.

May we remember our kinship and fellowship of long ago

to aid us in discourse with all beings.


We humbly bow to your lotus feet, your immaculate heart

and enlightened speech.

We solemnly take refuge in the Heavenly Father, Jesus the Christ, the Holy Spirit

and Our Lady Queen of Peace during this millennium.

Kindly free us all from obstacles of obscuration, defilement.

worldliness, ego, profanity, vanity, greed, lust and anger.

Oh, Blessed Queen of Peace, may your Love

always shine throughout our being as an expression of Holiness.